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Vertigo – Seeking Alternative Care Improves This Condition

Vertigo is known for the sensation of moving when there is no movement. It is particularly known for a feeling of spinning. You may remember playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey as a child. You are blindfolded and spun around. While aimed at the target, you were usually unable to walk straight to it [...]

How to Help Alleviate Headaches and Feel Better Overall

Headaches are something everyone seems to be familiar with. They are nearly impossible to avoid as no one can entirely avoid getting the flu, becoming dehydrated, or having stress. These are all common causes of headaches. Some headaches are mild while other are so severe they interfere with daily activities. What are the options when [...]

Finding Hope for Parkinson’s Disease in Dublin, CA

The Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research reveals some interesting information about Parkinson’s disease and how upper cervical chiropractic can be helpful to those who suffer from it. Dr. J. Chung and Dr. J. Brown relay the case of a 67-year-old female. Her outcome after care is amazing. Let’s look at it a little closer. [...]

Residents of Dublin, CA Finding Answers to Neck Pain

It seems as if almost everyone has had neck pain at one time or another. It can be annoying and sometimes accompanied by cracking or popping of the neck. Is it something that needs to be cared for or will it go away on its own? Research has revealed that when there is a problem [...]

Back Pain Relief Available for Those Living in Dublin, California

It may be hard to believe, but it is estimated that out of every 5 people, 4 will have back pain at some time in their life. Back pain is among the most common ailments in the world, and it is highest ranking when it comes to the number of cases of disability. Is there [...]

Vital Life Wellness Center Takes on Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’ syndrome is often said to be an inherited condition. This does not take into consideration the two major reasons that it is unlikely to be genetic. What are these? As much as 15% of people who have Tourette’s do not have any genetic links. There is a wide range of variation in character, course, and [...]

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Helping Reduce the Cost of Multiple Sclerosis

When one is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), it can be very scary. MS is unpredictable and hinders the proper function of the central nervous system comprised of the spinal cord and brain. MS generally impacts women more than men, and symptoms often begin between the ages of 20 to 40 years of age. These [...]

Vital Life Wellness Center – Helping Children Cope with Allergies

Seasonal allergies seem to hit with full force during springtime. A child who has allergies will begin showing some of the following signs: Sneezing, a runny nose, itchy eyes, or coughing Upset stomach Problems breathing (asthma) Changes is skin, rashes, or hives Most parents begin by giving their children an over-the-counter allergy medication to help [...]

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Caring for Birth Injuries of the Upper Cervical Spine

Parents may find themselves concerned about how their baby has endured the birthing process. Often when a baby is born, common problems may ensue. The question then becomes should the parents seek further help for their baby? It may be hard to determine on their own, but let’s talk about some common signs to look for [...]

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Natural Care for Degenerative Disc Disease of the Spine

Degenerative disc disease (also referred to as arthritis of the spine) often occurs after one has endured an accident or an injury. The parts of the body affected are the discs, muscles, and joints that keep the spine in place, leading to a breakdown of the spine itself. It then locks in place, further stressing [...]