On Your First Visit

You will complete the necessary paperwork and the NUCCA spine doctor will meet with you to discuss your health, your spine problems and any concerns you may have. A specialized chiropractic health examination will be performed.

If it is determined that chiropractic services can benefit you and x-rays are necessary, a series of x-rays will be taken to rule out any pathology or instability, which would need a medical doctor’s attention, and to find out how your cervical spine is aligned. This information will be used to determine the specific chiropractic neck adjustment that will be right for you.

What to expect on your first visit to Vital Life Wellness Center, Dublin CA chiropractor

On Your Second Visit

The Dr. Pritchett will have analyzed the x-rays and exam information to determine the best course of action for you. The information will be explained to you, and together you will determine how to proceed. If a joint decision is made to move forward with care, the doctor will perform a gentle and exact chiropractic neck correction. After the chiropractic manipulation, one more set of x-rays will be taken to verify the correction, or to determine how to fine-tune the adjustment to ensure the highest quality of care.

What To Expect After The Adjustment

After your NUCCA neck therapy, the body’s balance, blood flow, and posture improve because of the change in position of the bones – from your cervical spine to your lumbar spine and into your feet. This will sometimes cause temporary aches and pains in different areas as the body gets used to its new position. This is completely normal. Also, people generally sleep very soundly after being adjusted because when pressure is relieved from the spinal nerves, one’s body is able to relax and recuperate. There are some people are so energized after an adjustment that they may need less sleep than their bodies previously required.

How often will I need NUCCA?

To obtain the best results you should comply with the provided program because vertebral misalignment is a complex mechanism. You will be monitored until the body is stable in a balanced position. Muscular and ligament damage creates weakness that will likely take weeks or months to stabilize. You should be checked for neurological interference regardless of how you feel. You should also realize that some misalignments are more difficult to handle than others, and some cases are pathological whereas others are functional. The latter respond more rapidly to NUCCA care.

A rough assessment of your rate of recovery to good chiropractic health depends on:

  • Your type of condition
  • The length of the time you have been subluxated
  • The time required for nerve and/or tissue repair
  • The protection you give your adjustment
  • General state of  your health and age
  • Your exposure to stress and fatigue
  • Environmental factors that affect you
  • The injuries you may have suffered during the treatment period
  • How long the adjustment holds its restored position
  • The complexity of the adjustment

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