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Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraine headaches, jaw pain, insomnia, high blood pressure or hypertension and have a sense of hopelessness about your health?

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Dr. Andrea Pritchett, Chiropractor,NUCCA Chiropractor Dublin CA

Back pain is a nuisance, preventing us from living fully and is devastating to our daily routines. Forget focusing at work. Forget playing with the kids, stooping over to pick up a sock, or climbing your staircase. When you are debilitated, life passes you by; you are no longer that “get-it-done” person you have always been.

My name is Andrea Pritchett, D.C., and I can help improve your posture, remove tension from your brainstem, improve blood circulation to your brain and muscles, leading to cellular health, and reduce or eliminate your pain. Read our Vital Life Wellness Center Reviews here.

We can help to get you back on the right track to health and wellness!

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Why Choose NUCCA Chiropractic Care?

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If this sounds like you:

  • The NUCCA chiropractic system is a painless and safe spinal correction which restores body balance and increases the body’s natural healing ability.
  • There is no “twisting” or “popping” or thrust like that of traditional chiropractic.
  • Read more on how NUCCA Chiropractic works…

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Dr. Pritchett’s specialized technique is Healing Magic! I noticed results from my very first visit. Upper cervical adjustiments aid your body to function at its best. I feel more relaxed. Get your body aligned by Dr. Pritchett and get your drive back!

- Susan

Dr. Pritchett’s kind, caring and professional manner is very reassuring and makes the time relaxing and educational. I was so surprised at how extremely effective the adjustments were, and how gentle. The difference between regular chiropractic and NUCCA is dramatic and feels very healthy.

- Joan
Within hours of our first appointment, I was well on my way to recovery, feeling better than I had in weeks. I credit Dr. Andrea with restoring my balance, teaching me about ways in which to tune into and care for my body and relieving me of needless suffering. The woman is amazing!
- Renee

We can help to get you back on the right track to health and vitality!

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