Back pain is a nuisance, preventing us from living fully, and is devastating to our daily routines.  Forget playing with the kids, stooping over to pick up a sock, or climbing your staircase.  When you are debilitated, you are no longer that get-in-done person.  Another issue – you not only suffer, but also your loved ones.  Mom is not the same; it’s impossible to be fully present and perfectly patient with your kids!

If this sounds like you:

  • NUCCA works to align your spine and improve the way your body works.
  • There is no twisting or “popping”

With the NUCCA technique, you will sleep better than you ever imagined, and wake up refreshed, revitalized and with plenty of energy to propel yourself throughout the day!

If this is the kind of morning you’d like to start with, there are people who can help.  Whether you think your pain is age-related, or you’ve tried some things that just didn’t work, or perhaps you are not aware of what chiropractors can do for you:

You may be ready to find out what great potential your body has within it.  Try this:  Looking in the mirror, check your posture and look at your shoes to see if they wear unevenly.  If your posture is imperfect or your shoes wear unevenly, we can “put your head back on straight.”  This takes the tension away from your brainstem, improves blood flow to your brain and reduces or eliminates pain.

I can help to get you back to “being mom,” adding vitality to your life and relieving your pain and discomfort.

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