As a chiropractor, whenever I hear the word “alignment” I think of the spine.  However, it can also be used to reference whether everything else in your life is going in the same direction.

At the onset of the new year, it is good to take stock of your life and appreciate the good things you’ve done, and to note the habits you have which are less than ideal.  Habits can change, but only if the “why” and the “what” are in alignment.  For example, if you want to improve your eating habits, you need to know specifically what that means, and you have to have a motivating “why” that aligns and supports that goal.  Otherwise, the minute someone suggests going out to eat to your favorite unhealthy restaurant, your will-power may be too weak to decline the invitation.

Some other examples of being out of alignment are:

  • wanting to work out, but having back pain or foot pain
  • wanting to go to bed early, but having poor time management skills
  • wanting to eat better, but keeping junk food in the kitchen
  • wanting to work more efficiently, but getting headaches or migraines

Aligning your spine can help with these things, either directly or indirectly.  If you ware physically misaligned, you will also have a difficult time keeping mentally aligned.  The two are intricately connected.  Take note of whether your mind and body are going in the same direction. I would love to help you get in alignment!