Sports Performance, Athletic, Athlete, ChiropracticYour Posture Plays an Important Role

No matter what sport you play, even if it’s on a recreational basis, you cannot deny that your posture is extremely important to your performance. It can mean the difference between stealing that base, getting the first down, and winning the game, or losing it. Or it can mean you leave the field with an injury or aching back versus feeling good after the sport is over.

The majority of athletes do not know how beneficial an upper cervical chiropractor, like Dr. Andrea Prichett of Dublin, California, can be for them. If you are really looking to be the best you can be in your sport of choice, upper cervical care can be the answer for you. It can help you to perform at a much higher level. They do this by making sure your upper neck vertebrae are aligned properly.

How Your Weight and Body Distribution Affect Your Spine

Do you realize that even if the vertebrae in your upper neck are misaligned by only ¼ of a millimeter it can cause an immense change in your body? Your weight distribution will shift, putting extra pressure on your organs, muscles, tissue, and bones. These body parts are not meant to uphold that pressure, and they can begin to break down.

It makes sense then, that if you have this misalignment, you are not performing at your peak. When your body puts more weight than normal on your organs, it is called spinal pathology. This can degrade the joints, nerves, and your reflexes. When you go to an upper cervical chiropractor and fix these misalignments, you will begin to improve your posture, which leads to better performing while playing sports. Also, your chances of coming home with a sports injury are greatly reduced.

How Does Upper Cervical Care Work?

Upper cervical chiropractic care has been around since the 1930’s. It is a specific type of chiropractic that focuses on aligning the top two vertebrae in the neck. It has had great success in restoring the body back to normal functioning. Your head weighs 10-14 pounds. When the head comes back into balance and stops putting pressure on the spine and other body parts, you can expect to have nerve function and proper posture restored. This will certainly help your performance, and you will feel better in general.

Now that you know how it all works and the benefits you can derive from it, why not give Dr. Pritchett a call and make an appointment today?

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Dr. Andrea Pritchett of Vital Life Wellness Center in Dublin, California is an Dublin Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Expert trained by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). Her upper cervical clinic also serves Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon and Danville. She is uniquely trained to correct problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems, including children’s conditions such as ear infections, colic and scoliosis and problems that adults face including migraines and other headaches, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neck and back pain, and more. More information can be found on our website at