We could learn from babies.  They don’t suppress their needs.  They only have the ability to cry, albeit different and distinct cries to express their needs.  They wouldn’t keep quiet if they need something. They expect that their needs will be met.

Similarly, we have different and distinct pain patterns.  We also have other symptoms which show that there is something wrong: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

We wouldn’t dream of putting duct tape over the baby’s mouth or leaving the baby is a closet to drown out their cries.  Why would we treat ourselves with any less respect?  Why do we take pain-killers, antacids, sleep aids and fever-reducers, or suffer needlessly with our pain instead of looking for the cause and fixing it?

Babies would never ignore their pain, need for sleep or dietary needs.  Why do we?  Headaches are not caused by an insufficient supply of aspirin.  Other maladies are likewise not caused by lack of drugs.