Standing desks can be very useful and very helpful to avoid some of the pitfalls of sitting desks.  However, the desk must be ergonomic and designed for the individual who is using it.  If a desk is to be used by multiple people, it must be adjustable.  Hare are some benefits of using a standing desk.

  • It saves you time.  There’s no time wasted when going from sitting to standing or standing to sitting.   It’s efficient.  Phone calls are shorter because you feel more urgency.  If someone comes into your office to talk to you, the visit will likely be shorter, again allowing you to get more work done.
  • It encourages movement.  When standing, you’re more apt to move around, which uses more calories as well as keeping you from getting stiff and sore from sitting.
  • It keeps you more alert.  When your reticular activating system is being stimulated by movement, you stay alert longer through the day.  You’ll be able to get more work done!
  • It’s easier to maintain an ergonomic position.  It is easier to stand up straight than it is to sit straight in a chair.  This is, of course, if the desk is the right height for you.  A lot of people sit crooked by leaning over on their elbow or crossing their legs.

These are some potential issues with sitting desks:

  • If you sit too long, it can lead to poor circulation and compressed discs.  This is multiplied if you have a long commute.
  • Chairs and workstations are not always ergonomic.

Some things to be cautious of when using or purchasing a standing desk:

  • It must be the right height for you.  If it’s too high, you have to reach up for things, which raises and tenses your shoulders and neck.  If it’s too low, you’ll bend over too much, which causes low back pain.
  • If your feet get sore or tired, put a thick, soft cushion under your feet and wear shoes with arch support as well as cushion, or bring a second pair of shoes for wearing at your desk.
  • If your legs get tired over the course of the day, use a tall stool to lean back on as needed.
  • Be cognizant of your posture and balance your weight on both feet.

All in all, a standing desk is a great investment in your health and office efficiency.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase.  Be creative about your cubicle or your desk, especially if you know someone who is handy and can build you one.  You can even put blocks under your desk to raise it up, thus trying it out before you invest much money in it.