I had a patient tell me about a terrible skiing accident he had last weekend.  After falling and cracking his helmet in more than one place, he suffered a severe concussion.  Despite being extremely sore and having headaches from the impact, his body feels great.  After checking his alignment, he was still holding his atlas correction.  This is why he’s feeling as good as he is!

This reminds me of other patients I’ve taken care of with NUCCA who have had car accidents and bicycle accidents and managed to get up, walk away, and possibly maintain their alignment.  It’s important to get checked after experiencing an injury to make sure your spine is still aligned, or to have it corrected.  If your spine is in the right place after an injury, you’ll heal quicker and have less pain.  If your spine is in the right place before an injury, you’ll have a less severe injury!

Have you had your atlas checked?