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Back to School, Back to Health

Do you have a little more time on your hands?  Are you back from all your summer travels?  Is your house quieter now that your kids are back to school?  Are you ramping up for the fall activities and the holiday season?  Are you prepared for the flu season?  Are you feeling stressed about all [...]

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Keys to Health

Every day I get to learn! My three-year-old son always asks questions about how the world works, so I am re-learning things so that I can teach him.  I almost want to go back to school.  Almost. Not only do I learn in my job as a mom, I also learn in my job as [...]

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Postpartum Exercise For Women

Women who have borne children usually continue life much like they did prior to pregnancy, except for the inevitable changes such as sleeplessness, carrying a small child who keeps getting heavier, carrying myriads of items just to go to the grocery store, prolonged sitting, and rolling shoulders forward while feeding the baby.  Exercise may be [...]

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Spring is Here

I always love spring.  I enjoy the winter as well, when the trees lose their leaves and the air is crisp. Plants have a chance to hibernate and rejuvenate. Spring is a reminder of new life.  We see lambs as well as other baby animals being born.  We see new bright green leaves on trees [...]

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Proper Exercise Stabilizes the Body

Continuing my discussion on core strengthening, I wanted to focus on the benefits of such exercises as well as some examples. Strengthening the core can help improve: Flexibility Posture Back pain Knee pain Strength For best results, strengthening is to be an accessory to NUCCA, sufficient rest, stress-relieving activities and proper nutrition and hydration.  I [...]

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Core Exercises Stabilize the Spine

I've been spending quite a bit of time the last few weeks learning about exercise and biomechanics of the body.  One of the things I've recognized once again is how important it is to have a strong core.  Yes, I know.  Everyone is talking about core strength these days, but not every fitness guru actually [...]

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Is Your Health Plan Working?

Now that we've arrived at the end of January, it's time to evaluate whether your plans and goals for your health are coming to fruition. Have you begun a new exercise regimen? Have you started eating better? Have you been sick too often? Are you seeing your chiropractor more often than you'd like? I saw [...]

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Are You In Alignment?

As a chiropractor, whenever I hear the word "alignment" I think of the spine.  However, it can also be used to reference whether everything else in your life is going in the same direction. At the onset of the new year, it is good to take stock of your life and appreciate the good things [...]

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Health and Wellness Goals

Happy New Year! Just about everyone who makes New Year's Resolutions has at least one health and wellness goal in the list.  Do you intend to keep your goals?  What keeps people from fulfilling their goals? lack of motivation/incentive pain is too great Either the reason for the goal is not good enough or the [...]

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