Clutter happens to all of us.  Our lives are busy, time is scarce, and clutter appears.  The trick is to know the difference between chaotic clutter and busy clutter.  Believe it or not, some types of clutter are okay.

Good clutter has a home and is never ‘stuffed’ or hidden away indefinitely.  It has a place to belong.  It may have appeared during a particularly busy week or maybe you weren’t feeling well.  It’s temporary.

The not-so-good clutter has been accumulating over time.  It’s hidden in closets, covers flat surfaces, causes you stress and lost time.  It begins to creep into all aspects of your life, leaving you feeling tired and overwhelmed.

The definition of clutter is postponed decisions.  Procrastinating and not clearing it regularly is a vicious cycle.  We all must clear the clutter routinely.


  • Everything must have a home.
  • Instead of putting it down, put it away.
  • Start small; take baby steps.  One drawer, a table top, a closet, or the mail.  The trick is to start.  Make some decisions.
  • Remember the clutter didn’t appear overnight and it will take some time to control.
  • Keep a donation bag, box or drawer: a place so when you come across an unwanted possession, it can be removed immediately from your main living space.  Donate once it’s full.

By being organized you will save time and reduce your stress level.  Time is one of our most valuable assets, yet we tend to waste it everyday.  Start clearing the clutter and find time for those things that truly matter in your life.

Lori Brandes

Time 4 Order – Professional Organizing

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