Possibly. It depends on several factors.






1. X-rays.


If you are going to have x-rays, you definitely need to tell your chiropractor that you’re pregnant, so that the risks and benefits can be reevaluated and so that precautions can be made for radiation exposure to the baby.  You will most likely want to avoid x-rays of your abdomen, as that is directly exposing the baby to radiation.








2. Comfort.


If your chiropractor adjusts you in a way that it is uncomfortable on your pregnant belly, you need to let him or her know so that modifications can be made.  The baby is protected by a cushion of amniotic fluid, so there is essentially no risk to the baby.  It is simply an issue of comfort.  NUCCA is performed while you are on your side, so you have no direct pressure on your belly, nor is there any thrusting into your low back which would exert pressure on the baby.







3. How quickly will I get better?


It is important for the chiropractor to know you’re pregnant to determine how quickly you are expected to respond to the adjustments, ie, what is your prognosis.  Pregnancy is a complicating factor for low back pain, since there is extra weight in front.  It puts more pressure on your back, therefore causing an increase in low back pain.  However, women under NUCCA care usually reduce their pregnancy low back pain very quickly.  Pregnant women, also, hold their alignment extremely well, therefore needing fewer adjustments.







4. Referrals and recommendations.


It is important to know what types of modalities will respond favorably and will be safe for a pregnant woman.  For example, some acupuncturists work with pregnant women and others would prefer not to.  Acupuncturists need to know specific things about relieving pregnant women in order for it to be safe.  If I’m referring out to another practitioner or making recommendations for nutrition, it’s imperative for me to know if a patient is pregnant.