As you lift your young children or play with them on the floor, you are at significant risk for neck and back pain. You’re not as young as you used to be, but we can help your body to feel younger by improving your health and wellness. By improving your spinal alignment, you’ll be able to play with your children without pain, sleep better through the night, and have an improved attitude toward your favorite people in the world.

Where Do My Back Pains Come From?

Movements made while having a misaligned spine can often cause injuries. Bending over while the spine is improperly positioned causes certain back muscles to try to keep the spine in alignment. At the same time, other muscles will be forcing the spine into further misalignment.

If, however, your spine is properly aligned the forces will work together to maintain proper positions of the spine and muscles. This alignment reduces chances for back and neck injury as well as cutting down on the energy involved in completing a given task. Consequently, body movements will be easier, range of motion will increase, and energy levels will be more balanced throughout the day.

How Do I Know I Have Spinal Misalignment?

A basic test for a misaligned spine can be done at home in front of the mirror. While looking at your body, try to determine whether your waist and hips are horizontally balanced.

A subluxated spine is shown on the left. The right side shows someone whose spine has been corrected. Notice the postural changes.

Easy home tests for a misaligned spine include:

  • Look at your shoes – Is the wear-pattern the same from one shoe to the other?
  • Look at your eyes – Are they level when looking in a mirror?
  • Look at your waist – Are your hips even in the mirror? Does your waist look the same on both sides?

If you find that any or all of these are uneven or asymmetrical, your spine may be misaligned.

How Do I Get Back To Feeling Better?

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