Fertility is a very emotional issue for many women.  Some women try to conceive for years before being successful.  Some women are on too many pain medications for it to be safe to conceive.  Some women try many expensive fertility options and have success.  Some women finally give up.

Fertility tests may be faulty if performed at the wrong time of the month. Many cycles are not 28 days, and they can fluctuate as stress levels change, so it’s difficult to determine the correct time to perform the tests.

Have you had trouble conceiving?  One option to try would be to make sure that your body is functioning properly.  NUCCA helps balance our the hormones to allow the natural rhythms to rise to the surface.  NUCCA can help the man’s and the women’s reproductive systems to work more effectively.  NUCCA also helps with stress levels, so that the body can maintain its course even through stressful times.

I’ve adjusted a few women who have been unable to conceive, and they have since become pregnant, some more than once!  It usually takes about three months for the hormones to balance properly.  Of course, I can’t promise that you’ll become fertile, but it’s very important to make sure your nervous system is functioning properly for all aspects of the body to function to their potential.

The three or four months before conception, the soon-to-be-released egg is being prepared for ovulation. The nerves and hormones are able to properly prepare the egg only if the nerves are functioning properly.  This is another reason it’s important to have your spine aligned prior to becoming pregnant.  See my post on pregnancy and NUCCA.

It’s also important to make sure that the potential father’s spine is aligned as well.  This enables the sperm to function optimally, and the health of the sperm has a profound effect on the health of the baby.

There are, of course, other things you can do to improve your ability to conceive.  Some of these are:

  • Proper nutrition and maintaining a proper weight
  • Knowing your menstrual cycle
  • Reducing stress
  • Other alternative therapies