Patients with fibromyalgia already know about the widespread musculoskeletal pain that usually comes with it. But did you also know that fibromyalgia can impact your cognitive function? 

Physical pain is only one part of fibro patients’ daily struggles. Another thing they have to deal with is cognitive issues that may arise. Understand how fibromyalgia affects your thought process to learn better ways to cope and improve your quality of life. 

An upper cervical chiropractor in Dublin talks about fibromyalgia’s seven (7) little-known cognitive symptoms. Learn more about them below:

Fibro Fog – The 7 Little-Known Cognitive Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

If you have been affected by this condition in any way, let us help you begin your journey to healing and reclaiming your life to enhance your quality of life. Apart from knowing more about this condition, getting proper care is vital.

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