The Gentle Approach

NUCCA: Advanced Health Care for Today

Dr. Pritchett utilizes a technique called NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). NUCCA is a gentle, effective, scientific approach to chiropractic care, correcting posture, alleviating pain and improving nerve function. This allows the body to heal without having to be adjusted constantly.

Correcting the Whole Body

This advanced chiropractic technique is not limited to spine problems in the neck! In fact low back pain is a very common complaint that this correction can resolve very nicely. This is because the body compensates for the cervical spine misalignment by trying to keep the eyes level and the head above the hips.  For this reason, Dr. Pritchett will see an improvement in your posture immediately after the adjustment.

Gentle and Effective

Adult Adjustment - NUCCA chiropractic in Dublin, CAAfter analyzing the precise x-rays, Dr. Pritchett determines the angles of the misalignment and then calculates a vector to correct your posture by “putting your head on straight.”  There is no twisting, popping or thrust.  It feels like Dr. Pritchett is barely touching behind your ear.

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