Happy New Year!

Just about everyone who makes New Year’s Resolutions has at least one health and wellness goal in the list.  Do you intend to keep your goals?  What keeps people from fulfilling their goals?

  1. lack of motivation/incentive
  2. pain is too great

Either the reason for the goal is not good enough or the pain (physical or otherwise) is too great.  If the pain is fatigue or physical pain or injuries, NUCCA can help.  If you are in too much pain to work out or you need more energy, you need a boost.  It’s not just mind over matter.  You need someone else to help you with your goals.  I can help you.

I cannot help you with the incentive, unless it’s just to help clear your head and help give you focus (and that I can do!).  Find a friend to help keep you motivated or to work out with.  Find a friend to keep you accountable.

It’s only January 4th, but already you have to make a decision about how important your goals are.  If you need help physically to reach your goals, call me at (925) 829-7900.  I would love the opportunity to reduce your low back pain, help your headaches to go away and help cleanse your body from the things you ate last month or last year.

You deserve to have a legitimate chance to succeed with your goals.