Hydrolyzed vegetable protein is in hundreds of food products and most people don’t even notice it on the label.  In March 2010, the FDA recalled hydrolyzed vegetable protein which was contaminated with Salmonella.  In the process of recalling all of the hundreds of products that it had been used in, the FDA admitted that hydrolyzed proteins are “a common ingredient used most frequently as a flavor enhancer.”

Hydrolyzed proteins contain the reactive portion of monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is why they enhance flavors. It causes the same reactions that MSG causes in people who are sensitive to MSG. Studies in the 1970’s showed that 25 – 43% of the population is sensitive to MSG.  Unfortunately, processed food is labeled with many different ingredients that look benign, but always or may contain MSG.

What’s worse, most if not all hydrolyzed proteins in processed foods are created using acid.  Acid hydrolyzed proteins contain carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents, yet another reason to read the labels of the foods you buy.

Reference: Weston A. Price