Headache, Migraine, SleepSleep and Migraines

If there is one thing everybody loves to do, it’s sleep. We all, especially after a long and tiring day, yearn for that moment when our head first hits our pillow. Migraine sufferers may have even more reason that the rest of us to want to get a good night’s sleep.

According to a report in the Huffington post, that eight hours of rest is critical to their health. That article reports on a study by a team of researchers at the University of Mississippi, who found a link between people’s lack of quality sleep and the frequency of their headaches. The study went on to report that not getting enough rest also led to increased disabilities from headaches, among migraine sufferers.

A Migraine Study

Using 300 students, whom they grouped into categories of those who suffered from migraines and those who didn’t, the research team monitored their sleep patterns. Those students who suffered from migraines experienced headaches, along with periods of disability, more often. The study showed three significant findings.

  • 26.7 percent of the nearly 300 students had migraines
  • 85.9% of migraine sufferers had difficulty sleeping
  • 62% of non-migraine sufferers had difficulty sleeping
  • Among migraine sufferers, poor sleep quality was linked with the frequency of headaches and accompanying disabilities

Their finding led the researchers to write, “Consistent with prior studies on chronic migraine, poor sleep quality is uniquely associated with episodic migraines.” Similar findings that suggested that getting a good night’s rest could decrease the number and intensity of headaches among migraine sufferers was reported by WebMD.

While getting a good night’s rest will help a person find relief from their headaches, it will not help a person get to the root cause of their headaches. The only way to do that is to allow an upper cervical chiropractor to examine your upper neck vertebrae for any misalignments.

Your Migraines and Your Neck

A misalignment of only ¼ of a millimeter in the top two vertebrae in a person’s neck can put pressure on the brainstem, which effects the communication between the brain and the body. Though, using upper cervical chiropractic can alleviate that pressure, normalizing the flow of the necessary fluids from the brain to the body. This, then, allows the body to begin to heal.


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