What sounds better?

Sausage and cheese on an English muffin for $1.00


Organic Eggs Benedict for $8.50

What is the “food” made out of for one dollar?

I’ll admit, spending less money is appealing.  However, the flavor that fresh, organic, hormone-free food has and the way it fills me up and makes me feel is more appealing.  In the long run, my health is worth it.  I’ll pay a little extra to keep my body working the way it was designed.  I don’t need to eat as much if my body is satisfied with the nutrients it receives; I won’t keep craving more food.  If we eat empty calories, our bodies will continue to crave food to fulfill our needs.  If we fill it up with nutrient-rich foods, we won’t need to eat as much. I also don’t need trans-fats to preserve my insides.  When I die I’d rather return to dust.

Have you ever paid attention to how you feel after you eat?  Energized?  Invigorated?  Sluggish?  Bloated?  Irritable?  Fatigued?  Craving carbs?  The way you feel tells you something about what you just ate and whether it was the correct foods and proper ratio of fats, proteins and carbs.  If you ate too many carbs and you crave more after eating, try eating protein to see if it fixes your cravings and fatigue.  For some, it will.  A few simple rules about metabolic typing may help you lose weight without dieting.

Paying attention to what you eat and investing in your food may be the next step toward increasing your health.  The food you eat truly is the building blocks that enable your body to function.  Whether it’s functioning well or not depends upon its fuel… just like in a vehicle. The only difference is, if your car breaks down, you can replace it.