You may be like a lot of people who feel fine.  That’s wonderful!  It’s a great place to start!  However, is it a good place to stay?

  • Are you able to expend energy helping others without wearing yourself out?
  • Are you able to think clearly enough to make long-term plans?
  • Are you able to think positively about life?
  • Are you able to help your parents or friends or kids with their needs?

We are created to be in community and to make a difference in people’s lives.  We cannot live isolated lives. It’s not fulfilling to us and doesn’t make us feel rewarded or useful in life.

  • Are you healthy enough mentally and emotionally to give to others and to know your boundaries?

You have to get healthy first – and that means more than being “fine”.  In the case of emergency on an airplane, we are instructed to put on our own oxygen mask first before giving it to others.  The same thing is true in life: we need to take time and effort to make ourselves healthy in order to be there for others.  Moms especially need this advice.  I need this advice!  It’s so hard to take time for myself when I have a little one who needs me.

One way to begin the journey toward mental and emotional health is through NUCCA.

“What?!” you ask?

Your purpose in life is difficult to determine when you are in pain (pain takes our focus off of other things) and with a subluxation (a.k.a. your brain not connecting with your body properly or firing optimally).  The communication between your brain and your body is not working properly.  Your body takes care of the necessary things like breathing and keeping your heart pumping, before complex thought and planning and relaxing.  NUCCA stimulates your body’s ability to communicate and to heal.

Once your brain is communicating properly, you can begin to get things in perspective.  Functioning will be more efficient.  Thinking will be easier and hormones and emotions will be more balanced.  Then and only then, will you be able to make better decisions for yourself and your family.  Then you’ll be able to have more time to spend on yourself.  Then you’ll be able to do other healthy things like counseling or exercise or organizing or eating properly. Then you’ll be able to stay healthy and feel better than fine – fabulous perhaps!?