Now that we’ve arrived at the end of January, it’s time to evaluate whether your plans and goals for your health are coming to fruition.

  • Have you begun a new exercise regimen?
  • Have you started eating better?
  • Have you been sick too often?
  • Are you seeing your chiropractor more often than you’d like?

I saw a woman today who has been seeing a chiropractor for awhile.  It helps her.  But yet, she was in my office, rather than the other chiropractor’s.  Why?  Because she wanted something that would help her feel better longer.  I always tell people, “If you are happy with your chiropractor, keep seeing him or her.”

If you are not happy, if it’s not working, if your health is at a plateau, do something different.  Try acupuncture.  Try massage.  Try NUCCA.  Try changing your diet.  Try exercising.  Keep trying one more thing at a time until you get better.  Don’t give up.  Keep trying!  You deserve to feel better and to get your life back.

You are worth it!