Every day I get to learn!

My three-year-old son always asks questions about how the world works, so I am re-learning things so that I can teach him.  I almost want to go back to school.  Almost.

Not only do I learn in my job as a mom, I also learn in my job as an upper cervical chiropractor.  There are several keys to health.

  • Communication between your brain and your body – all the organs and systems in your body.  This is transmitted through nerves, and therefore is affected by getting your spine adjusted.
  • Nutrition.  Every single thing you eat.  Why?  You are what you eat.  You can splurge every so often, but if you regularly eat unhealthy food, you will become unhealthy.  Your taste buds can change as you change your diet.  That is a very good thing!  Whole food are key.
  • Stress levels and mental state.  What do you focus on?  Your physiology changes as you change your focus.
  • Spiritual state.  There is an entity bigger than us.  We are not in control; God is in control.  I don’t know about you, but He tends to have to remind me of this quite often.  When we try to hold onto an illusion of control, our stress levels go up.  Peace and joy are crucial to long term health and well-being.
  • Other practitioners.  The more I learn about other practitioners and how they can affect the body, the more aware I am of how interconnected everything is.  I can help you through NUCCA but also by referring you to other local health professionals who have different specialties.

By working on one thing at a time, you won’t get overwhelmed.  Choose something to do to improve your health today!