Once again, I was reminded that sleep is recommended for improving our immune system to fight off colds and flues.  It is a really good idea, but not all of us are sleep deprived because we choose to have fun instead.

What if we can’t sleep?

  • Is it the presence of a child (perhaps young or perhaps just not able to sleep either)?
  • Do we have too much to do preparing for a holiday or a job?
  • Are we unable to sleep?
  • Is sleep restless and disjointed?

I don’t think there’s much we can do about the presence of our children, although if there’s a reason he/she is not sleeping and it can be resolved, let’s deal with that.  If kids are insecure, sick or teething, they need more TLC, but if they never sleep well, perhaps they, too, need a NUCCA adjustment.  NUCCA will also help boost their immune system.

Are we inefficient with our jobs? Are we stressed out and need to consider a career or job change?  NUCCA can help us to be more focused and able to get our work done better, so we’ll have more time to sleep.

Are we unable to sleep because our bodies won’t cooperate? Insomnia or an over-active mind?  NUCCA can  help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which helps us to sleep.  It helps relieve stress and allow us to relax.

Do we have trouble staying asleep or being rested in the morning? NUCCA can help make the sleep more efficient so you’ll be rested and more able to function.

If you’re like me and your lack of sleep is not due to staying up late having fun, make sure you’re doing everything you can to make the time you have to sleep as effective as possible.

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