I got the oil changed in my car today, and replaced the air filter.  I try to maintain it well so that it lasts a long time.  Cars are expensive and we rely on them so much.  It is important to take care of the things we are blessed with.

I am also going to see my chiropractor today.  I try to maintain my own body so that I can better take care of my children.  As valuable as my car is to me, my body is more valuable, because I use it every minute of every day, and I cannot replace it.

I’m so glad that our culture is becoming more interested in preventing illness than simply relieving it after it occurs  Preventative medicine is becoming more mainstream, especially in the Bay Area.  Here in the Tri-Valley, chiropractors are many, but there are still only a few upper cervical chiropractors.  Adjusting the atlas (C1) is an important part of your healthcare regimen.

What have you done today to maintain your body?