My grandma died suddenly.  She had been in fairly good health, until she choked on a piece of meat, went into a coma and was gone in a week.  Many of you have a similar story of a loved one who was suddenly taken from you.

We don’t usually know how much time we have on this planet, yet another reason to make the most of it.  Here are some reminders for myself as well as you.

  1. Tell others what we appreciate about them. We influence others far more than we realize; they may need our encouragement or love.  Smile at a stranger; it may make a world of difference.
  2. Our bodies are precious and need to be taken care of. It’s the only one we’ll ever have, and it has to last us as long as we’re on this planet, which may be a long time.  I have great-grandma who lived to be 107.  Can you imagine living that long with a body or mind that wasn’t appreciated or treated kindly as was therefore fatigued or failing?  Exercise, good nutrition, chiropractic and positive thinking will make a profound difference on how our bodies function.
  3. Love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, how can someone else love us?  Appreciate and respect ourselves.  What we think about has a profound effect on our health.  Our thought processes will change the neurotransmitters released from our brains and affect our physical health.
  4. From death comes life. Somehow.  We may not always know WHY someone was taken from us.  It may be revealed, but it may not.  There may be restored relationships.  Someone’s life may be sacrificed for another, such as the sacrifice the military men and women make for us.  It may be the memory of that individual spurring on a memorial fund for others.  It may simply be the memory of the individual affecting how one lives the rest of their life.
  5. If we want to, we can improve someone else’s life by being outwardly-focused, loving and truthful. We may have decades left, but we may only have today.  Make a difference in someone’s life, just because.