I had a cold last week.  Unfortunately, I passed it on to my six-month-old.  I immediately started giving him some homeopathic remedies.  He’s been breastfed his whole life, so I knew he was getting antibodies from me to help him fight off the cold virus.

I checked his spine, and although he had been holding his alignment for over three months, he needed an adjustment.  After adjusting his atlas utilizing the NUCCA technique, he slept for three hours.  For those who know what kind of napper he is, you’ll appreciate the accomplishment, as he usually only sleeps for 20-30 minutes at a time.

During sleep, the parasympathetic nervous system is active, allowing the body to heal.  After this incredible nap and an extended night of sleep, he was almost his normal self.  The cold never got too intense and he was able to breathe, even at night.

I’m very happy with how quickly his immune system worked to heal himself without allopathic medicine, by engaging the innate healing power that God gave him.  And, yes, NUCCA can be used on infants very safely and effectively.  My son’s first adjustment was when he was five hours old.