This month I’ve had two bouts of sharp neck and shoulder pain.  Both of them occurred after I lost my NUCCA adjustment.  I don’t usually have too much pain when I’m out of alignment, but this helped to remind me of what I was like before chiropractic care.

People need NUCCA! I sure do!  I’m so grateful for my NUCCA chiropractor.  I don’t know what I’d do without knowing how to get relief.  I had sharp pain into my trapezius and between my shoulder blades and into my neck.  It was worse with any type of movement and it completely kept me from enjoying my life the way I usually do.  It affected my physical body, but also my mood.

The interesting thing about my pain this week is that I also had two patients come in this week with almost identical pain as me and I was able to help them, too.  It’s a wonderful reminder to me of how cyclical the world is.  My chiropractor adjusted me and I was able to adjust my patients to get them functioning and feeling better. I wonder what they’ll be able to do now that their bodies are working optimally and they can think clearly again…

I love my job!  If you know of anyone with shoulder and neck pain, send them my way.  Together we can do amazing things.