Neck pain can seriously restrict our ability to do our normal activities of daily living.

It can inhibit us from washing our hair, or sleeping soundly, even the ability to do our job or take care of our children.

Just last week I lost my NUCCA adjustment and my neck was so painful, that I had to turn my whole body instead of just my head.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t function; it was just that I didn’t want to live with it.  I knew it could get better!  If you are like some people, you may not know that relief is possible with anything other than pain-killers temporarily relieving the symptoms.

There are some symptoms that you should go to the emergency room for (specifically the inability to flex your chin to your chest due to extreme and sudden stiffness), but most neck pain symptoms can be dealt with by addressing the musculoskeletal  component.

  • Muscle strains or sprains, including whiplash
  • Compressed nerves due to bone spurs or herniated discs
  • Arthritis
  • Torticollis

These are all musculoskeletal issues.  If a nerve is involved (numbness and tingling and sharp, shooting pain are symptoms of nerve involvement), it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible so that there is the largest chance that the nerve can heal and regenerate.  Otherwise, if the nerve is compressed for too long, it may not heal, and the numbness or pain may be permanent.

I have seen wonderful improvement in neck pain, both chronic neck pain and acute (sudden-onset) neck pain through NUCCA therapy.  NUCCA addresses the atlas, the first vertebra in the neck, and corrects its alignment with the skull and the rest of the spine.  There is no twisting or popping of the spine.

Simply by realigning the spine with NUCCA, many of these symptoms will go away.  This aligning of the spine will also allow the tissues to heal with the proper length and strength and allow the blood to flow into and out of the area properly for optimal healing.  Additionally, it will improve the range of motion (C-ROM) of the neck.

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Dr. Andrea Pritchett of Vital Life Wellness Center in Dublin, California is an Dublin Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist trained by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). Her upper cervical clinic also serves Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon and Danville. She is uniquely trained to correct problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems, including children’s conditions such as ear infections, colic and scoliosis and problems that adults face including migraines and other headaches, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neck and back pain, and more. More information can be found on our website at