I was at the NUCCA conference last week and, as always, I was inspired.  I wanted to share some of my inspiration with you. 

There were many things I learned in the three day conference.  Some of them were technical skills: details of taking films, analyzing films and adjusting patients.  These were perhaps the most obvious things I learned, and certainly the things I attended the conference for.  I went to learn more details and to pick up more skill. 

In addition to that, I was inspired to become greater.  Not simply learning the details, but applying them.  I was reminded of the reason I apply them.  The joy of being a NUCCA doctor is to excel at my skill and continue to improve, being better able to take care of my patients and allow them to express life the way they were designed to.  I want to continue to improve so that YOU continue to improve!  I want to look at my skills critically and better myself every day. 

God has given me a gift.  My gift is to help your body heal.  I am not to simply take that gift and use it as it currently is, but to hone it, take care of it, and watch it grow.  What a powerful reminder!