If I was omniscient, I would be able to determine the best course of action for any and all physical illness or injury.

I would know what the ramifications are for:

  • medication
  • surgery
  • anesthesia
  • over-the-counter medicine

What should be done first?  When?

How will this person respond?

Are there side effects?  How bad are they?

How long will it take for the procedure?  For recovery?

Is it worth it?

Since there is no way for any of us to know how the body will respond, why don’t we simply give the body what it needs for it to do whatever its wisdom decides is best?

Do I mean “do nothing”?  Absolutely not.  Instead, improve communication within the body through NUCCA and allow the God-given intelligence in the body to perform the appropriate tasks and to start working on the most important issue first.

If the body is able to communicate its needs to the organs which can fulfill these needs, and the building blocks are available for use (we must eat well), it can heal most things, depending upon how long the problem has been there and what the person is doing to reinforce the problem or reinforce the healing.

No one tells the pine tree how to produce pine cones.  We just make sure it’s able to grow tall (alignment), and give it water, sunlight and nutrients (the building blocks it needs).  It has an innate wisdom that knows when and how to produce the appropriate number and size of pine cones.  If the communication is altered by pine beetles who block the phloem, the tree will die even through it has everything it needs available to it, because it can’t utilize the nutrients appropriately.

NUCCA removes the interference in the body, allowing it to communicate properly and effectively so you can heal and have more vitality.  Call me if you’d like more vitality.