• Have you been suffering with pain for months or years?
  • Have you tried many things and then given up?
  • Are you continuing to try new methods for pain relief?
  • Are you frustrated, down-hearted, depressed or apathetic?

Chronic pain is sometimes difficult to solve, but you already knew that.  Nerve fibers that transmit pain signals are called nociceptive nerve fibers.  There is a threshold below which the pain signal will not be transmitted.  Once above the threshold, the nerve fires and the pain is transmitted to the next neuron and to the brain, to be recognized as pain.  After a period of time, the threshold may be lowered, allowing lesser stimuli to cause a sensation of pain.  Once a person has been in pain for a long time, the nerves may continue to fire the pain signal even after the stimulus has been removed. This pattern of sensation without stimulus is what can make chronic pain difficult to correct.

Nerve pain can also be difficult to correct, because the nerves may re-grow, but it takes a significant amount of time.  People who have chronic nerve pain have a more difficult time finding relief.

  • Look for a solution to your pain as soon as possible for the quickest possible relief!

This doesn’t mean that chronic pain cannot go away.  Chronic pain can be reduced or eliminated. I have seen trigeminal neuralgia patients, with severe, chronic, nerve pain.  The pain can lessen and go away, but it takes time, and it can be absolutely worth it, even enabling someone to avoid suicide or to conceive a child.  I have also seen other chronic pain patients and have often gotten remarkable results.

NUCCA can help with chronic pain.  It may not be the only answer, and it will take time, but it can help tremendously, by removing the stimuli that caused the nociceptive fibers to fire. Once the stimulus is gone, the body has a chance to heal and the nerves have a chance to be reprogrammed without the pain signals.

Your depression or short temper may be triggered by your pain.  Once your pain is under control, your mental state will improve.  Also, NUCCA helps to balance out the hormones directly, which would help you to maintain a better state of mind and increase your good feelings!

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