suffering-from-back-pain-break-these-five-harmful-habitsEvery chiropractor in Dublin CA wants to provide relief to patients who suffer from chronic back pain. At least 80 percent of people will experience a minimum of one back pain episode in their lifetimes. This back pain event might start with just a slight twinge of pain and develop into regularly nagging back pain. It may also appear as a sudden, sharp, and crippling back pain.

When something like this happens, you would wonder, is there an apparent cause of this pain? Sometimes, there would be an apparent reason for such back pain episodes. It might be due to an accidental slip or fall, a sports injury, or even a car accident. 

Sometimes, back pain may come without any apparent reasons, or so you might think. Some people might believe that their back pain came out of nowhere. Some would say, “I just woke up and had this annoying back pain.”

Various normal daily activities contribute to back pain. It happens especially when we are not taking care of our spine correctly. Let us examine the top five regular daily activities that most people didn’t know are causing their back pain. 

#1 Sleeping On Your Stomach

Having a wrong sleeping position contributes to back pain, according to every doctor and chiropractor in Dublin CA. Stomach sleeping, in particular, causes several problems. The spine receives pressure in this unnatural sleeping position. The natural curvatures in your spine can flatten out, leading to back pain. Also, having your neck turned to one side, all through the night leads to more pain and discomfort. The most important message is to maintain your proper posture always even when sleeping. 

#2 Wearing The Wrong Shoes

Most women who wear high-heeled shoes complain of sharp and regular pain in their calves, legs, pelvis, and back. Why are shoes to blame? A shoe with tall heels can shorten the muscles on the back of the legs, and put abnormal tension on the back and pelvis.

If ditching your high-heeled shoes is impossible because you need it for work, then here’s an option for you. Use a comfortable pair of sneakers during your commute. Only wear your high heels when you get in the office. 

Flat footwear such as flip-flops and some sandals are also problematic. These types of shoes provide little or without arch support to the heels. With flip flops, your feet are working extra hard, keeping these glued to your feet as you move without you realizing it.

#3 Carrying An Overloaded Purse Or Bag

Almost everybody does this at work or in school. Even children using their overloaded school bags to school are guilty of this bad habit. Kids are trying to look cool by just using one strap of their backpack on one shoulder. 

Start cleaning out your bag or purse at least once a week to avoid carrying extra and useless weight to work or school. Also, you can alternately switch using your bag from one shoulder to the other. You can also opt for a backpack and make sure to wear both straps to help distribute the weight evenly to both shoulders. 

#4 Spending Too Much Time In Front of Screens

Every physician and chiropractor in Dublin CA has warned about the danger of prolonged sitting for the health. It is even worse when you slouch or crane your head lower or upward for more than an hour. These activities cause pressure and tension on the neck, shoulders, and spine.

The solution here is to take breaks in-between these activities to stretch the back muscles and to help the blood to circulate properly. Just have a short break after every hour of sitting down. Stand up, stretch your back, neck, leg, and arm muscles. Allow your eyes to rest as well. Thus, you will be able to give relief to the tension in your neck, shoulders, pelvis, and back.

#5 Ignoring Your Core

Contrary to common belief, the core is not just composed of your abdominal muscles. The core is a combination of various muscle groups that includes the abdominal muscles, back muscles, pelvic floor muscles, diaphragm, and your glutes. The core acts as your body’s stabilizer. 

If your core is undeveloped, it can’t keep your spine and entire body from pain and injury. A weak core causes back pain. The best core exercises include crunches, the captain’s chair, and planks.

Correcting The Primary Cause Of Your Back Pain

To achieve longer-lasting relief from back pain, understanding and getting to the primary cause of your problem is vital. A chiropractor in Dublin CA is helping patients achieve back pain relief through upper cervical chiropractic care. 

In many back pain cases, the location of the pain does not always mean that is where the problem lies. The body is exceptionally adaptable and great at compensating for new difficulties encountered.

A simple example of this is when you injure your left ankle. To compensate, you begin to bear more weight on the right side, which leads to new problems on the uninjured side. The spine and back react the same way—a problem in one area can become worse, and more issues may arise in other areas of the body due to compensation.  

Upper cervical chiropractic care’s goal is not just to track any stubborn back pain symptoms and compensations. Instead, it focuses on addressing the root cause of your problems to accomplish longer-lasting results. Patients under upper cervical chiropractic care are checked for any misalignments.

Here at Vital Life Wellness Center in Dublin, California, our methods are precise, gentle, and long-lasting adjustments, specifically tailored to each individual’s needs. Our realignments hold in place longer to allow for optimal healing. The health of your entire spine is dependent on how perfectly positioned the uppermost vertebra is. Once correctly aligned, your back pain will be a thing of the past. 

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