Summer is here!  And with it, the sunny weather – except for today.

Today we have rain and cloudy skies.  This morning while I was in the car with my 2 and a half year old, we were discussing the fact that the sun comes up every day.  Every day we can count on the sun rising in morning and setting at night.  The length of the day may change.  The amount of light in the sky may change.  Even if we can’t see the sun, it’s still there behind the clouds.

I was tempted to tell my son that the sun didn’t come out today (out meaning “out” from behind the clouds) but the truth is it rose like usual but it’s just hidden behind the clouds so we don’t get as much light.  There’s something about talking to a child that really brings things into perspective.

In our lives, even if we don’t see the “sun,” the future, the good things that are happening, it doesn’t mean that they are not there.  A lot of times we start thinking about what pain we have, what financial situation we have, what friends we do or don’t have and we neglect to focus on the fact that God gives us good things every day!  They may not be tangible, or exactly what we want, but if we focus on the blessings we have and we take action to receive the things we want, we are healthier and happier.  Pain doesn’t need to remain.  However, sometimes the pain causes us to change in a way that in the long run is beneficial to ourselves and/or others around us.

We need to focus on the benefits, even if they’re behind the clouds.  The sun always rises.