Dublin, CA chiropractor reviews and testimonials from Vital Life Wellness Center patients.

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<p>Neck Pain Helped by NUCCA Chiropractic in Dublin, CA</p>
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Neck Pain Helped by NUCCA Chiropractic in Dublin, CA

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<p>Upper Back and Neck Pain Resolved With Nucca Chiropractic in Dublin, CA</p>
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Upper Back and Neck Pain Resolved With Nucca Chiropractic in Dublin, CA

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<p>Edema And Hamstring Injury Resolved With Nucca Chiropractic In Dublin, Ca</p>
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Edema And Hamstring Injury Resolved With Nucca Chiropractic In Dublin, Ca

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<p>Lower Back Pain Disappears With Nucca Chiropractic In Dublin, Ca</p>
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Lower Back Pain Disappears With Nucca Chiropractic In Dublin, Ca

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<p>Vertigo Disappears With Nucca Chiropractic In Dublin, Ca</p>
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Vertigo Disappears With Nucca Chiropractic In Dublin, Ca

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<p>Karan Dhillon Testimonial - Jun 09</p>
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Karan Dhillon Testimonial - Jun 09

Barbara S

When I feel like I’m on my last leg, Dr. A. Brings me back with her magic touch. Thanks, Barara.

Barbara S

Tracy P

I have visited Vital Life Wellness Center on several occasions and on each visit, have left a completely satisfied patient. Dr. Pritchett provides solutions to your health related needs!

Tracy P

Joan M

Dr. Pritchett is pleasant, thorough, attentive and pursues all aspects of your general health and well being. I have had very positive results under her care. I highly recommend her. Joan Mumma

Joan M

Christofer A

Dr. Andrea’s gentle treatment was soothing, relaxing and more important, it was effective. She accomplished in a few sessions what I had been searching for over many years with my former, neck cracking (UGH! I can’t believe I did that!) chiropractor. Dr. Andrea’s treatments have allowed me to continue with my normal activities pain free and comfortable. Bless you, Dr. Andrea! Christofer Aven

Christofer A

Judy U

Although I have only been under the care of Dr. Pritchett for a little over a month, am so grateful that I was referred to her by Andrea Willoughby and I have been feeling better recently which has helped me get through this crisis. I hope to get back on track with future appointments as soon as it is possible. Thanks again, JudyUeland

Judy U

Better Attitude and Holding Alignment

I feel so centered and full of good energy.

  • This method is absolutely fantastic!  I’ve gone to various types of chiropractors over the last 15 years, and the adjustments with them only lasted a few days.  I’ve only had one NUCCA adjustment with Dr. Pritchett – and it has lasted 3 weeks and counting.  All of the experiences that used to knock me out of alignment, ie bumping my head against something, getting my hair washed at the beauty parlor, tripping and falling, etc have happened in these three weeks – and I’m still in adjustment!  And I feel so centered and full of good energy.  Amazing!


Back Pain, Dizziness, Stress & Sleeping

…I look better in pictures…

  • I have had many years of dizziness and pain (pinching) in the left side of my back.  I found an upper cervical chiropractor last year and it helped but I needed over 2 adjustments per week for 10 weeks and I was always afraid to play tennis or work using my upper body, because it would throw me out of balance.  After only 3 or 4 adjustments with NUCCA, I have held my adjustment for 6 straight weeks.  I have no dizziness or pinching in my left back.

    This has calmed my stress and anxiety throughout the week and helped my focus and sleeping.  I don’t have to worry about my body being out of balance or alignment anymore.  I also notice my head and smile doesn’t tilt to the left anymore so I look better in pictures.

    Dr. Andrea has also helped my ribs that are out of place.  The pain in my upper back and pinching near my shoulder blade is completely gone when my ribs are in place.  Now my ribs are stabilizing and I feel like Dr. Andrea can help me with this problem when ever I need a tune up.  Thank you so much.  Your NUCCA technique is extraordinary!


Shoulder and Hip Pain

I felt like a new person!

  • I am amazed at the lack of pain on the very first relief care by Dr. Pritchett. My shoulder and hip have caused me constant distress, even at night when I sleep. The morning after my first adjustment I felt like a new person. It truly is a great thing to be pain-free and I am so happy I decided to see Dr. Pritchett.


Jaw Pain Subsided

Get your drive back!

  • Dr. Pritchett’s dedicated technique is Healing Magic! Whether you currently have a chiropractor or not, a visit to Dr. Pritchett will give you the foundation for everything good for your body. I noticed results from my very first visit. Upper cervical adjustiments aid your body to function at its best. If you have any health issue or no health issues, a visit to Dr. Pritchett will keep the only body you have working at full capacity. My jaw pain and neck pain subsided. My sleep has improved. In essence, when calming these issues, your blood pressure will benefit. I feel more relaxed. Get your body aligned by Dr. Pritchett and get your drive back!


Neck, Back, and Arm Pain

The difference between regular chiropractic and NUCCA is dramatic…

  • My neck hurt, my back hurt, my arm hurt, I had a headache and my thumb was tingling and starting to get numb. After the first gentle adjustment, I was 90% better, and my headache was gone. Now I am on the way to healing. Dr. Pritchett even noticed and adjusted the points on my arm that always hurt but I had learned to ignore. Now that is healing and feels so much better. Dr. Pritchett’s kind, caring and professional manner is very reassuring and makes the time relaxing and educational. I was so surprised at how extremely effective the adjustments were, and how gentle. The difference between regular chiropractic and NUCCA is dramatic and feels very healthy.


Lower Back Pain

Within hours of our first appointment, I was well on my way to recovery…

  • Although many doctors and health professionals were eager to step in with drugs and quick camouflages to my problem, it was not until I landed in the hands of Dr. Andrea Pritchett that I found true relief. The pain killers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants prescribed by the traditional medical community did nothing but knot my stomach, increase my anxiety and hurl me toward the edge of depression. After limping through two weeks of lower back pain agony, I found my way to Dr. Andrea through the grace of God and the good will of friends.

    Dr. Andrea’s calm, professional, warm and gracious manner set me instantly at ease. Because I was not a devotée of chiropractic relief care (one disagreeable snapping of my neck many years ago had turned me off to just the thought of spinal correction!), I was in such bad shape that I had to do something. One visit with Dr. Andrea changed my life. Her gentle yet thorough approach, her steady and knowledgeable process and her optimistic, sunny and intelligent personality gave me hope. She is, as an added bonus, an educator. For someone like me, who wants to know the how and why of everything, I was relieved to be treated as a smart and aware person, rather than as someone who should blindly “take two of these and call me in the morning”.

    Within hours of our first appointment, I was well on my way to recovery, feeling better than I had in weeks. My mind was as soothed as my body and I could once again think clearly and reconnect with the work and activities that define the person I am. I credit Dr. Andrea with restoring my balance, teaching me about ways in which to tune into and care for my body and relieving me of needless suffering. The woman is amazing! If you are suffering from, oh…anything!, get thee to Dr. P…right now!


Lower Back Pain

Within 30 seconds the pain was gone…

Frozen Shoulders

After my first adjustment, I had noticeable improvements…

  • After months of suffering with a frozen shoulder to the point I was having chronic pain and hardly any mobility, a friend referred me to Dr. Pritchett. I wanted to avoid surgery and medications if at all possible. After my first adjustment, I had noticeable improvement. After two weeks, I rarely had pain and after only two months I had regained almost all of my mobility. And, there were unexpected benefits as well, including improved posture and balance. I only wish I had started relief care sooner, but I was concerned about seeing a chiropractor. However, Dr. Pritchett’s method (NUCCA) was so gentle and so effective, I recommend it to anyone.


Heel Spurs

I now recommend her to everyone who has pain…

  • My doctor told me I had the beginning of arthritis in my lower back. My right side from buttocks to toes would numb, ache and hurt when I would sit or drive for 30 minutes or more at a time. After the third or fourth visit I noticed the discomforts I was feeling from my lower back arthritis had disappeared.

    I had been having…heel spurs for close to a year and it was painful to walk or stand. The pain in my feet is now gone and has not returned.

    I now recommend her to everyone who has pain, including my daughters.


Pinched Nerve – Neck

…pain has gone down…almost all the way…my sleep has improved…

  • I used to have neck and back pain. I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Dr. Pritchett said she would be able to help. I was skeptical at first. She definitely knew what she was doing. After the first adjustment, not only has the pain gone down almost all the way, but my sleep has improved as well.


Shoulder and Neck Pain

Shoulder and neck pain is better than it’s been in 30 years…

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful work. After only my first adjustment, a walk around my neighborhood (which I did not feel much like doing before) and a great night’s sleep, my neck and upper back pain is all but gone! That pain was the worst I have had in the many, many years I have lived with it. I have seen a number of healers over the years but none with the dramatic results you achieved. Your thorough, careful examination and extremely attentive and gentle relief care are incredible! I cannot remember the last time my posture and outlook have been this good.

    Thank you for joining me as a very vital member of my team dedicated to my healing and health regeneration! I can hardly wait for the next appointment and the complete restoration of health that is surely coming.


“Thrown Out” Back

…I have no pain and am still in alignment

  • I threw my lower back out while I was reaching in my pocket at a Taco Bell drive-thru – man, was I in pain. I mean, pain I’ve never felt before. So a co-worker suggested that I should go and see Dr. Pritchett. Her work is amazing. She’s healed my back problem. I have no pain and am still in alignment. Thanks to her I’m able to work out daily with no ill effects.


Difficulty Walking

…I had severe pain and difficulty walking and sitting at my desk.

  • Dr. Pritchett’s care has had a positive impact on my condition. When I first met her, I had severe pain and difficulty walking and sitting at my desk. With her assistance and wisdom, along with physical therapy, I have made a strong recovery.


Shooting Pains – Neck

NUCCA makes the most sense of any type of chiropractic I have ever encountered…

  • Since receiving care from Dr. Pritchett, the tightness in my neck has reduced significantly. Periodic unexplained shooting pains in my head and jaw have also gone away. I like the fact that Dr. Pritchett shows you exactly what is wrong on your x-rays. NUCCA makes the most sense of any type of chiropractic I have ever encountered.

    I would absolutely recommend her chiropractic services to anyone experiencing any spinal problems in their neck and back. In my opinion, it is also important to be checked out even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms. Lack of symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you are okay. I found that I had few noticeable symptoms but was quite in need of care.

    – Mark

Back Pain

…my back pain has all but vanished

  • Since I have been under Dr. Pritchett’s care my back pain has all but vanished. However, the greatest example of her exemplary relief happened when I was rear-ended in a car accident. I called Dr. Pritchett immediately and saw her the next day. The incredible thing is that my spine was still in alignment. I didn’t even suffer any whiplash symptoms. I was in a similar accident many years ago and suffered incredibly. I credit my relief care with Dr. Pritchett for making this car accident more of a problem for my car than my body!

    – Jennifer

Cold & Flu Free

I haven’t gotten a cold or a flu for over a year now…

  • I have had great results with Dr. Pritchett’s way of relieving me. She has been able to bring my body into balance and I am able to pretty much hold my adjustments much longer. I haven’t gotten a cold or a flu for over a year now. Dr. Pritchett is so caring and always takes time to talk to me and explain what is going on and why. Thank you, Dr. Pritchett.

    – Jane

Neck Inury

This has truly been a blessing for me…

  • I have had a neck injury for seven years. To relieve the pain, doctors have given me three nerve blocks. I have also had multiple visits to other chiropractors. The pain was only relieved for a few days and then the pain, along with the knots between my shoulders, would come back. Since I have experienced Dr. Pritchett’s care, I have been pain free and also have discovered that I now have taste buds. I didn’t realize I didn’t have taste buds until after my very first adjustment. This has truly been a blessing for me.

    – Gail

Bicycle Accident

I have so much confidence in your ability…

  • I want you to know how grateful I am that you are my doctor. After my bicycle accident, I was taken to San Ramon Regional Medical Center emergency facility where they determined that there were no broken bones in my body. They prescribed pain pills and sent me on my way. At home over the next few days, I gradually became stiffer and more sore, to the point where I experienced increasing pain in my neck and lower back.

    My wife suggested I call you, and being male, I delayed ‘knowing I would get better on my own’. Needless to say, I began experiencing more pain, especially upon waking in the morning. I called you for an appointment and you graciously made room for me in your schedule. After one relief care, upon waking the next morning my back and neck pain had subsided substantially, so that I could perform my daily activities.

    More recently, I mentioned I continued to have problems with ankle pain and you checked, made some adjustments and for the first time in years, I experienced pain relief. I am now able to walk 3-4 miles about 4 times a week.

    I have so much confidence in your ability to resolve my complaints that I truly believe you operate on a higher level than your training. I believe you infuse me with energy that helps me spiritually help myself. I am not talking miracles, because I was extremely skeptical that any medical professional could help me with my ankle pain, but you have convinced my psyche and physiological structure of the positive results when you treat me.

    I am very thankful for your kindness, expertise, professionalism and spiritual support. I am lucky my wife referred me to you.

    – Victor

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