It’s amazing what we get used to.

Some people deal with pain daily and think it’s normal.  Some people don’t know how to find relief.

Some families live in a small home with everyone sharing rooms and other families live in mansions where there are plenty of extra rooms or even wings of the house that are not used.

I used to wear perfume and I loved it!  Now, I’m much more sensitive to fragrances.  Walking down the cleaning aisle of the grocery store was overwhelming to my olfactory glands (my nose).  I had to hold my breath.

Some women can walk in heals just as easily (so they say) as walking in tennis shoes.

New moms are exhausted, but soon adapt to the lack of sleep and function normally.

What is my point?

Our bodies can adapt to many stressors and situations – WITHIN LIMITS.

There are limitations to the malleability of our bodies.  There are limits to the amazing ability of our bodies to tolerate all we put them through.  Our bodies can heal themselves; they’ve been designed to do that.  Up to a point. When we abuse ourselves by over- or under-eating, over- or under-exercising, lack of sleep, high stress levels, chemicals we’re exposed to or that we eat,  or drugs that we take, some day our bodies will give out.  They can’t recover from all that we do without having some residual issues.

This is just like when Mom told us that she forgives us, but there are consequences.  There are consequences to our actions regarding our bodies.

Take care of your body!

  • Eat properly; avoid toxins
  • Sleep sufficiently
  • Drink enough water
  • Learn to relax; reduce stress
  • Exercise regularly; have a routine and work up to it
  • Get chiropractic adjustments as necessary

If you have any questions, feel free to call me and I can direct you.  I want everyone to increase their vitality!