top-vertigo-causes-relieved-by-dublin-ca-upper-cervical-chiropractorsAt Vital Life Wellness Center, the premier Dublin, CA upper cervical chiropractors are helping patients to regain better overall health and wellness via gentle and safe adjustments of the atlas. What are some of the causes of vertigo that can be helped by upper cervical chiropractic care? We’re going to look at the top causes of vertigo that can be helped by upper cervical chiropractic. Then we will discuss NUCCA, the specific type of upper cervical care provided here at Vital Life Wellness Center.


Top Causes of Vertigo

Vertigo is often related to a misalignment of the atlas (the top bone in the neck, located at the base of the skull). Here are some of the causes of vertigo that are related to the atlas.

  • BPPV – Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is the most common form of vertigo. About 70% of the time, this is a diagnosis that is provided for vertigo patients when the actual underlying cause is unknown. If you are suffering from BPPV and have an upper cervical misalignment, correcting the misalignment may prove beneficial. This was shown in a case study involving 60 patients with vertigo who underwent upper cervical chiropractic care. 80% of the patients in the study say their vertigo completely resolved. The other 20% also experienced significant benefits.
  • Meniere’s disease – This is a vestibular condition that is related to excessive fluid in one or both ears. As a result, the patient experiences vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), a feeling of fullness in the afflicted ear and partial hearing loss. Dr. Burcon, an upper cervical chiropractor, has performed two extensive case studies involving hundreds of Meniere’s patients. In the two studies, he was able to successfully help about 97% of the patients to achieve a 90% reduction in vertigo severity. He postulated that the atlas misalignment gradually caused a lesion on the eustachian tubes that carry fluid away from the ears. This resulted in the inability of the ear to drain properly and for vertigo and other symptoms to set in.

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Vertigo Relief in Dublin California
  • Migraines – About 40% of migraines are vestibular migraines, which means that they have one or more vestibular symptoms such as vertigo. Since upper cervical chiropractic care has been able to help many migraine patients, this can carry over to vertigo as well if the vertigo is migraine-related. The atlas connection is related to (1) its proximity to the brainstem and (2) the function of the cervical vertebrae when it comes to transporting oxygen-rich blood to the brain. An atlas misalignment can also increase intracranial pressure by impeding proper cerebrospinal fluid drainage, and this pressure may also be a factor when it comes to migraines.
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) – MS is a condition wherein the body attacks the nerves and destroys the protective myelin sheath. This leads to a formation of scar tissue and a host of symptoms such as vertigo and balance issues. The same atlas factors that affect migraines can also be related to MS.
  • Trauma – Head and neck injuries often precede the onset of vertigo. Sometimes vertigo beings immediately. At other times, it may be months or years before vertigo arises. This can be related to an atlas misalignment caused during the initial injury. As a result, vertigo is also seen as a symptom of post-concussion syndrome. After any head or neck injury, it is a good idea to have the alignment of the atlas checked by an upper cervical practitioner.


NUCCA: A Precise and Gentle Form of Care

If you have not heard of NUCCA, we would like to introduce you to the process.

  • Visit one – You will have to fill out a patient history. This may reveal any injuries or other things that could have led to an atlas misalignment. Don’t leave out old injuries because the misalignment may have been at work for a number of years before symptoms surfaced. Next, you will receive a physical examination. This will reveal whether or not an atlas misalignment exists. Finally, x-rays are performed to precisely locate and pinpoint the degree of misalignment. An x-ray will also reveal if there is any damage to the neck that would make it unwise to have an adjustment.
  • Visit two – Between visits, Dr. Pritchett will examine your x-rays to determine the precise adjustment that is needed to correct your specific misalignment. Adjustments are always tailored to the patient. The chiropractic manipulation will be extremely gentle. This makes it safe for patients of all ages and health levels.
  • Ongoing care – Upper cervical adjustments are performed on an as-needed basis. At first, appointments should be closer together until the muscles and ligaments that hold the vertebrae in place are stabilized. After that, you should be able to space visits apart according to how long your adjustments hold. Caring for patients on an as-needed basis makes upper cervical chiropractic a cost-effective form of care.

If you are suffering from vertigo, especially if you have a history of head or neck trauma, upper cervical chiropractic care may be the gentle and effective way to find substantial relief. Vital Life Wellness Center in Dublin, CA offers the upper cervical services you want, so give us a call today at 925-281-3889 to schedule your first visit. Or you can request an appointment right here on our website. We are looking forward to helping you and your family to reach your health and wellness goals.


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Dr. Andrea Pritchett of Vital Life Wellness Center in Dublin, California is an Dublin Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist trained by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). Her upper cervical clinic also serves Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon and Danville. She is uniquely trained to correct problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems, including children’s conditions such as ear infections, colic and scoliosis and problems that adults face including migraines and other headaches, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neck and back pain, and more. More information can be found on our website at