What is the first thing you do when your ‘check engine’ light comes on?

  • Ignore it for awhile?
  • Call the mechanic?
  • Cover it up with a piece of black tape?

What is the first thing you do when your head or back starts hurting?

  • Ignore it for awhile?
  • Call your medical doctor?
  • Call your NUCCA doctor?
  • Cover it up with Tylenol or other over-the-counter pain medication?

Covering up your pain with a pain-killer is similar to covering up the indicator light on your car; it can successfully enable you to forget there’s a problem, and therefore, not fix the problem, but perhaps make it worse until more things fall apart, or the problem costs more (time, money, pain) to fix.

Over-the-counter pain-killers are not as safe as they may seem.  An article on ABC News featured a man whose liver failed after he used Tylenol according to the package instructions.  Tylenol, something that many of us take on a regular basis and many take more than the recommended dosage.  He barely made it to the hospital in time.  The FDA issued a caution on the use of acetaminophen.

Wouldn’t you rather find the cause of your pain and solve that?  Especially if I were to tell you that the cause of your pain is also causing other issues in your body that you may not realize?

NUCCA can often relieve pain and keep the pain gone so you’ll not have to return as often, all without the unfortunate side-effect of liver failure.