I read an article that showed that your genes are not the end-all of your health.  Even if you were given disease-prone genes, cancer genes, or other negative genes, you can change which genes are expressed and which genes are turned off.

You cannot go into your DNA and “choose” which genes to turn off and which to turn on, but you can make lifestyle changes which will turn off some disease-promoting genes and turn on some disease-preventing genes.

What are the lifestyle changes?  This article mentioned three:

  1. Diet and nutritional changes, increasing fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  2. Moderate exercise, such as walking for half and hour each day.
  3. Stress management exercises daily for an hour, such as meditation.

These take focus to accomplish, but they are pretty straight-forward.  I expect that there are others as well, including sleep and upper cervical chiropractic.

Take the step today to implement one lifestyle change into your life. Pick one that is reasonable.  Make sure that it won’t overwhelm you so that you will continue doing it.  Perhaps it is exercising for 15-30 minutes a day.  If you are in pain and can’t do that, see a NUCCA doctor to help rid your body of pain.

Take that one step today and find someone to keep you accountable!  You can do it!